Step 1

As you arrive to our modern clinic you will be greeted by our friendly staff. After you fill out paperwork and questionnaires, your chiropractor will take you to the consultation room to discuss what areas in your spine is of concern. Understanding your problem is first and foremost our point of emphasis so the your doctor understands’ exactly what the problem is.

Our next step is to assess the current health of your spine and posture.Through testing, thorough history and a posture scan so we can find out what is causing your back pain.

A Posture Scan is the latest non invasive assessment of posture. Using digital postural photos we can clearly indentify  and assess and postural distortions found in the body. An example of a posture scan can be seen below

Posture pro sample1

Step 2

Your individual results and diagnosis will be clearly explained to you by your Chiropractor and what we can do to help your condition. At this point, if your condition is treatable with our care, we will begin treatment at this time.


Step 3

By the end of your inital session, you will have a good understanding of what is causing your problems, what we can change for your body, and treatment a with our Chiropractor. Based on your condition and reaction to treatment, we can set out a plan to achieve pain free and great posture.

Schedule of fees

Initial Consultation  approx 45 mins  $90
Subsequent consultation  approx 20 mins  $70