What we treat

We treat all conditions related to the spine. Look below to see if your condition is listed and how a Chiropractor can help you. 


Low Back Pain

The most common form of muscular and skeletal injury in Western developed countries. 


mid back pain

Particulary prevelant in sedentry jobs (Seated Full time work). Stiffness followed by pain



Tension headaches can be caused due to poor posture. Joints in the neck can also refer pain causing headaches.



We adapt into the position we are in the most often. Unfortunately we are sitting more and more, which causes bad posture.



Shoulder pain

Hunched shoulders can cause constant pressure in to the shoulder joint. 



neck pain

Neck pain is common in computer workers. The lack of movement while working and poor posture can  lead to chronic neck pain.


Do you have any of these issues? Chiropractic has been shown to help with these conditions