WE ARE YOUR SPINAL EXPERTS, in the relief of pain and correction of poor posture, IN SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK

We specialise in treating back pain, neck pain and poor posture.
At Spinal Care Chiropractic Sydney Olympic Park, Wentworth Point and Newington Home we focus on postural distortions that can create aches, pains and tension points around the spine.

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Poor posture can be related to acute and chronic low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches. It has a large affect on your whole body system. By correcting your posture we can alleviate these musculoskeletal pains.

We take digital posture scans which is the an accurate method to measure and assess posture. This also allows our practitioners to monitor your improvements.

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First and foremost we need to understand your issues. Understanding your concerns and pains is the first important part of your diagnosis. All too often practioners are quick to pigeon hole your symptoms and person as a whole into different categories.

We look upon each person as a unique indivual case to ensure you get the proper care for your postural distortions and pain.


Spinal Care use the latest evidence based chiropractic techniques to ensure we are using the most effective and safest techniques. We are constantly renewing courses and seminars to further advance our techniques and treatments. Our latests course has been ABC (advanced biostructural correction) which specialises in diagnosis and treatment of postural distortions.

What to Expect

Please contact our friendly contact centre to help with any first appointments, changing appointments and FAQ ‘s. You can call us on (02) 8964 6385

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