The Greatest Wealth is Your Health

At SpinalCare, we believe that our health is the most important aspect of our lives. Our health determines the way we feel, how we think, and how we approach the art of living.

Our clinic focus’ on Posture, Bone and Muscles around your body to give you optimal health and vibrancy.

We focus on evidenced based, measurable results to get you pain free and keep you there.

Our practice located in the heart of Sydney Olympic Park, and we offer Chiropractic and Physiotherapy.


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All things related to the spine will be directed to our Chiropractor. This can include posture, pain, stiffness in the spine.

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All things related to extremities away from the spine. This can include shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, ankles and wrist.

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If your back pain is stopping you from exercising, see how SpinalCare can help you to restore normal function and get back to exercising.

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The long term effects of sitting can be painful and stiff . Reverse the build up of tension due to long periods of sitting. 

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pain relief

Chiro and Physio has shown to reduce levels of pain by reducing tension and inflammation in your body and restoring function.

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Many of our clients note initially feeling out twisted and hunched. We can restore proper alignment for your spine.

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People often feel slouched in the shoulders and neck. Feel strong and balanced in your body with our therapist.

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Your spine is one of the toughest working parts of your body. Keep up maintenance of your spine with SpinalCare.

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 Meet Dr Stephen Yoon


I have been involved with Chiropractic my whole life. Since my first session at aged 17, I knew this is what I wanted to do. 

Work with my hands and fix spines.

To help someone in acute pain, or a long term chronic back issues, and get them back into their normal activities in life is what we goal towards.

Outside of clinic hours, spending the day with my wife and daughter keeps me happy, and going for runs around Olympic Park. 

 Meet Rebecca Feros


As a sports fanatic, I have a keen passion for working with my patients to return them to their best level of function and not miss out on daily life due to levels of pain or weakness in their body.

With my background of exercise sports science, I love working with my patients to create targeted rehabilitation plans that incorporate their personal goals and to help return to any level of activity. Be it a marathon training program, weekend sports warrior or to simply climb stairs pain free.

To journey with my patients through their rehab and see them reach their activity and lifestyle goals is what I live to do.

Outside of the clinic I love to spend time at my local beach and plan my next snowboarding trip.


“I want to take charge of my health”

The team at SpinalCare are looking forward to putting your health first

Case Study - Low Back Stiffness and Pain with radiation into leg

Case Study - Neck Pain with long periods of sitting

Do you want to rule your body, and not let your body rule you

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