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Dr Stephen - Chiro

“You can call me Steve.

I am the founder of SpinalCare. I’m really proud of the practice and the opportunity to contribute to your journey of health.

I truly believe, your greatest wealth is your health. I am excited with sharing my knowledge and being able to help you get to better health - and live a pain free life.

I am also a proud father of Siena (3 years old) and Hunter (newborn), husband to Anna… and I love my basketball…..”

Dr Stephen is the founder of SpinalCare.

Graduating from Macquarie University with a Masters of Chiropractic in 2008. Stephen has undergone further training in postural correction (Advanced Biostructural Correction) and Trigenics (Musclar Release Technique). 

Stephen's focus is on pain relief and posture. The research continuing to be released about the negative health consequences of bad posture is confounding and also the long term effects of sitting. 

Technology has allowed us to be more and more lazy with our spines. This lack of use of your spine, has lead to unnecessary issues of back pain, and is now happening a lot earlier in age with mobiles, tablets and everything in between.

Stephen established his Chiropractic clinic in Sydney Olympic Park, to provide a service where back pain and postural concerns can be addressed and fixed. 

By providing safe and effective treatments, we can take care of most conditions related to back pain and posture.

Rebecca - Physio

“I’m the resident Physiotherapist at SpinalCare.

I’m passionate about human mechanics and how to make the body function at its best…

I look forward to meeting you and working with you towards your health goals!”

As a sports fanatic, I have a keen passion for working with my patients to return them to their best level of function and not miss out on daily life due to levels of pain or weakness in their body.

With my background of exercise sports science, I love working with my patients to create targeted rehabilitation plans that incorporate their personal goals and to help return to any level of activity. Be it a marathon training program, weekend sports warrior or to simply climb stairs pain free.

To journey with my patients through their rehab and see them reach their activity and lifestyle goals is what I live to do.

Outside of the clinic I love to spend time at my local beach and plan my next snowboarding trip.


HI, I’m Dr Andrew


Andrew - Chiro

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Esther - Bookings and Enquiries

Chiropractor Physiotherapy Massage Therapy Sydney Olympic Park

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Emily - Bookings and Enquiries

Chiropractor Physiotherapy Massage Therapy Sydney Olympic Park

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