Don't forget to stretch!

The importance of stretching has been emphasized by various professionals from personal trainers to chiropractors and sporting coaches. Yet, we often find ourselves forgetting to do so despite the plethora of benefits that come from stretching and the way it seamlessly complements chiropractic care.


Stretching is a fantastic way to keep our muscles and joints relaxed, mobile and feeling well with the added benefit of being cost-free. However, if these reasons aren’t enticing enough to get you stretching, perhaps these four compelling explanations will.


-          Promotes spinal alignment:
Stretching the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and lower back can help improve your posture by keeping your spine in better alignment. This prevents the muscles surrounding your spine and back from favoring one side thereby decreasing the chances of non-symmetrical alignment.


-          Improves flexibility and range of motion:
Regular stretching can improve one’s flexibility and range of motion which can in turn, make you more flexible and less prone to injury. Not only will this save you from experiencing pain over a pulled or torn muscle, but it will also save you a trip to the doctors’ office.


-          Relieves stress and detoxifies the body:
Stretching a great way to increase blood flow to the muscles, organs and brains which can as a result, flush out the bad toxins accumulating in the soft tissues. When this occurs, not only is the built-up tension decreased, but so is stress in the cognitive state.


-          Assists and relieves lower back pain:
In releasing tension and easing stiffness in the muscles through detoxification, stretching is a fantastic pain reliever that is non-invasive, danger-free, and drug-free.

While stretching is a great way to relieve stress and pain while improving flexibility and range of motion, if you remain suffering from pain and spinal misalignment, it may be time to consider chiropractic care.

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