How poor posture affects your upper body and causes neck pain

The most common condition that contributes to neck pain is poor posture (forward head) and shoulder posture. Poor posture affects your upper body because when you slouch, the head and neck goes forward placing the head in front of the shoulders, like a vulture. This unnatural slouching posture causes your neck to stick out and changes the centre of gravity of your head. It’s no wonder poor posture causes alot of pain in the back and the neck and will cause permanent problems if not addressed and corrected. The increased weight of the head forces the neck muscles to bear the increased weight, and they have to contract more forcefully in an attempt to keep the unbalanced head from falling further forward. Over time forward head causes the back neck extensors to weaken and causes chronic tightness and spasm which contributes to degenerative disc disease and other degenerative neck problems.

It is often important to look at the workplace ergonomics as part of treatment and prevention of neck pain. Perhaps the placement of the desk, computer workstation and placement of the computer monitor and keyboard can be improved to encourage upper back and neck posture. Below are a list of points to help improve sitting at a desk:

  • Eyes should point directly at the top of the screen

  • Forearms should be approximately parallel with the floor when typing

  • Feet should be flat on the floor with the thighs parallel with the floor

It is encouraged to request to have a sit/stand workstation to perform your everyday tasks and if you do already have one make sure that one side of the body is not constantly rotated more than the other side, and that there is as much symmetry in repetitive tasks as possible.

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