Three common causes of back pain

According to the 2014-15 National Health Survey, about 3.7 million Australians (16% of the total population) have back problems and of that total, 70-90% of people suffer from lower back pain.

Why is back pain so common?
There are several factors that can cause back pain hence its high rate of occurrence, however, the three most common causes are:  

  • Back injury

  • Medical condition or illness

  • Poor lifestyle choices

Back injury:
Back injuries can lead to lower back pain as the muscles, ligaments and discs are strained and/or torn. Back injuries can occur when undertaking a variety of activities from using poor form when lifting heavy objects; sudden movements or moving the wrong way; sports injuries that involve large forces of impact; to automobile accidents. These incidents often result in acute back pain – pain that can last for a few days to a few weeks. Stiffness, decreased movement of the lower back, and difficulty standing straight are often side-effects of acute back pain.

Medical condition or illness:
In addition to acute back injuries, there are several medical conditions that can cause back pain. Common conditions include osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, inflammatory diseases like Rheumatoid and Psoriatic arthritis, and scoliosis. As the duration of these conditions are often extensive, the associated pain typically lasts over a longer period. This type of pain is called chronic pain.

Poor lifestyle choices:
Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, and lack of exercise can also detriment back and spine health. Smoking causes a lack of nutrients which affect the back’s discs, meanwhile lack of exercise can cause stiffness, weakness and deconditioning of the back. Additional common life choices that can impede back health include posture when sitting and standing, diet, and stress.  

Relief through Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care can help prevent and alleviate back pain through adjustments, manipulations and soft tissue work. By improving alignment and correcting misalignment through functional examinations and postural adjustments, chiropractic care can benefit those who may be experiencing pain or those who may want to prevent back pain.

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