Why is posture important?

What is posture?

Definition: The position in which someone holds their body when standing and sitting.

Signs you have poor posture

There are many indicators but some of the more common are hunched shoulders, rounded shoulders, rounded upper back, forward head carriage and arched lower back. Another indicator is back pain. There are several common factors linked to poor posture and that contributes to poor posture. They are:

  • Stress

  • Obesity

  • Pregnancy

  • Weak postural muscles

  • Abnormally tight muscles

  • High-heeled shoes

Research has also shown poor posture can increase feelings of depression, affect your digestive tract and influence confidence and stress levels.

  • Good posture has lots of benefits to your well-being it can:

  • Maintain correct alignment of bones and joints

  • Reduce stress on ligaments minimising risk of injury

  • Prevents muscle strain, overuse and pain

  • Conserve energy as muscles are used more efficiently

  • Decrease abnormal joint wear

To maintain correct posture you must always be aware of how you sit, stand or lie down.

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