The impacts of texting

In an era dominated by technology, it seems near impossible to be without our smartphones or tablets. With enticing aspects such as connectivity and convenience, we often find ourselves on our devices for long periods at a time. However, this can negatively impact our neck, back and spine due to the look-down position. 

Fortunately, there is no need to stop using technology altogether. Here are some tips to help keep your spine, neck and back healthy when using a device:

- Stretch: Keep in mind to stretch from time to time. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscles, relieving the stress that builds in the muscles from staying in the same position for periods at a time.

- Take breaks: It is easy to forget how long we've been on our phone when we're catching up with social media so remember to take breaks from time to time. This can be done by setting an alarm on your device as a reminder, or as simple as being more attentive to the time. 

- Posture: The look down position can result in neck and spinal pain. Maintain a straight and upright posture.

- Raise your phone: We often find ourselves in the look down position due to the height of our phone. Raise your phone closer to eye level to avoid tilting your head downwards and straining your neck. 

- Keep active: Although taking breaks can certainly help, it is important to keep active by incorporating daily exercise into your routine. Daily exercise can help strengthen muscle, improve posture as well as increase mobility thereby promoting a healthy spine, neck and back. 

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