Prevention first.

The one thing that is arguably better than treatment itself is the prevention of a problem in the first place - such is the case for lower back injuries. With 1 in 6 Australians suffering from back problems, understanding ways to prevent stressing or exhausting your back can be highly advantageous both in the short run and long. 

Here are 6 top prevention tips to try:

1. Low-impact aerobic exercises: Low impact exercises elevate the heart rate and improve circulation. When this occurs, blood flow increases to the spine thereby supplying nutrients to the lower back structures in addition to hydrating them. As a result, stiffness can be reduced. Exercises can include walking, stationary cycling, elliptical machine.

2. Life heavy objects correctly: The lower back is prone to injury when lifting heavy objects incorrectly. Always use the correct lifting technique - bend at the hips, keep chest forward, keep the weight close to the body.

3. Correct posture: Poor posture can place pressure on your back. Support your back by sitting in the correct posture to avoid lower back injuries - sit straight and upright whilst maintaining a neutral posture. 

4. Improve overall physical health: The spine reflects overall health, anything you can do to improve overall physical fitness will benefit your spine. This can include keeping hydrated with water, minimizing alcohol and limiting nicotine intake.

5. Sleep: Getting enough restorative sleep is essential to keeping your back healthy as too little sleep can result in back pain.

6. Frequent travelers keep your back supported: Such includes lifting luggage correctly, bringing a pillow to support your back on long haul flights, and stretching whenever possible. 

Although these prevention tips can be highly beneficial, if you are experiencing pain or stiffness it may be time to look towards treatment. To make an appointment with us at Spinal Care Chiropractic Sydney Olympic Park, call us now on (02) 8964 6385 or book online at